How SOTOS works

The Silent Operating Theatre Optimisation System offers each team member a technically generated quiet listening environment. Only the information and important signals necessary for their work are made available to them. Automatically adapting music masks the residual noise level and creates a productive work performance.

The SOTOS offers a new, comprehensive approach to solving this problem and is being continuously developed further. It is becoming more and more complex "under the bonnet", but also increasingly user-friendly.
SOTOS is an important assistance system in the highly technical operating theatre, but due to its relation to the patient, it is not a medical product.

Studies (heart surgery and DaVinci Urology of the UMG) have shown a (highly) significant advantage in terms of attention, fatigue, exhaustion, concentration and heart rate variability.
In addition, the number of words spoken at the operating table was halved in a highly significant quieter working environment. The air extracted from the operating field was thus lower in germs (fewer colony-forming units, very quiet speech and, above all, less speech leads to a comprehensible hygiene advantage at the table, also a risk of infection due to significantly reduced particle emission at the operating table (e.g. germs of the oral flora - corona viruses).


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An apparatus for creating audio environments in an operating room is described. The device comprises a plurality of portable intercom units. The intercom units each have at least one microphone and one headphone, which are designed to suppress ambient noise. A mixer is in signal exchange with the plurality of intercom units and is designed for program-controlled signal transmission between the plurality of intercom units. Different control programs, each defining the program-controlled signal line, are stored in a memory. At least one of the control programs restricts the exchange of signals between the plurality of intercom units to form the audio environments. A controller determines one of the control programs and controls the mixer for the program-controlled signal line between the plurality of intercom units in accordance with the determined control program.

EP20213914.3: not published yet.

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